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Born in 1923 in Mexicali, Baja California as one Mexico’s original breweries.

Cerveza Mexicali takes its name from the capital of Baja California, where it was founded in 1923. Brewed up during American prohibition as a cross-border collaboration between Mexico, and California. Mexicali’s original Mexican-American founders dreamed their Cerveza Mexicali would become the most imported Mexican beer north of the border. One of the first breweries in Mexico, it became a cultural icon for many decades in the north of Baja. Almost 100 years later, Mexicali has been rediscovered and is embracing the cultural collision by which it was founded.

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Inspired By Baja

Mexicali lives where peaceful desert landscapes meet the restless seas. Almost 800 miles long, the Baja peninsula borders the U.S. state of California, with the landscape spanning sun-washed mountains and unspoilt beaches of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez. Baja is a haven for the artists who find inspiration in the culture and landscape, the culinary pioneers with bountiful ingredients at their fingertips, and the outdoor enthusiasts who hike the rugged mountains or seek the perfect wave.


cerveza Mexicali

Mexicali is a full-flavored, pilsner-style lager brewed in small batches, with high quality hops and cereals. An authentic Mexican lager that strikes the right balance between intensity and refreshment. Sweet malty grain notes combine with subtle fruity aromas for a refreshing taste and crisp finish. Brewed to pair with Baja provisions.


Baja Provisions

Brewed to be paired with the provisions of Baja, inspired by the bountiful local ingredients. Toast with Mexicali over ceviche and fish tacos, and add mariscos to your Baja-style Mexicali michelada.

los angeles

Mexicali was born from a cultural collision almost a century ago. Nodding to its historical roots, Mexicali launched in January of 2019 in Los Angeles, home of one of its original founders. LA is more than just a city north of the border, it is an urban sprawl that embraces Mexican culture like none other.

Mexicali is brewed for the good times. The simpler times. The times where an hour with friends and family is worth more than an hour behind the desk. For the food, the beer, and the culture.



Where to find CERVEZA Mexicali

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